Gökärten apartment

Welcome to Gökärten!

This building contains 14 furnished single room apartments. Sizes vary between 26-35 sq.m. All apartments include private bathroom and private kitchen. The apartments are suitable for single occupancy or for couples.
Please note that it is furnished for one person only.


Kitchen includes a stove with 3 hot plates, oven, a fridge and a freezer. Be prepared to provide your own kitchen utensils, plates etc.


Rent is approximately SEK 21 640 - 24 886 per semester. Includes heating, water and electricity.


If you rent during spring semester only - half of June will be free of rent. If you rent both fall- and spring semester - half of June and full month of July will be free of rent. If you rent during spring semester and will continue to rent the same accommodation for fall semester, the whole summer period will be free of rent.


Be prepared to provide your own blanket/quilt and pillow. There are laundry facilities for the use of all tenants. Access to bicycle and storage room in the basement.


You can open your own telephone subscription in your apartment against making a deposit of SEK 3000 to Telia, the telephone company. The deposit will be refunded when you end your subscription.


If you bring your own computer you can open your own Internet subscription through Mälardalens datorförening (Mälardalen University).


Please note that there is a mandatory TV licence fee in Sweden, go to radiotjänst for more information.

Distance from the University/City center

Approximately 1,5 km from the University and city center. Gökärten B is served by VL bus number 6.


Vitmåragatan 5, 722 26 Västerås.


Bostads AB Mimer


1 room apt Area Design
606-4-1-202 30 design
606-4-1-205 26 design
606-4-1-207 32 design
606-4-1-208 30 design
606-4-1-209 30 design
606-4-1-210 30 design
606-4-1-213 27 design
606-4-1-215 27 design
606-4-1-216 30 design
606-4-1-217 29 design
606-4-1-301 35 design
606-4-1-304 34 design
606-4-1-305 26 design
606-4-1-308 30 design