Prolong your lease

Renew your lease

We are glad that you have enjoyed your present accommodation and want to stay in it. To make sure everything goes well and your accommodation is secured for the coming semester, please follow the instructions below.

  1. The rent for the second half of the semester needs to be paid before you can prolong the contract.
  2. Make sure you have the right documents to prove that you have studies for the coming semester.
  3. Go to our office at Stora Gatan 38 with your documents and your passport
  4. Sign the new lease agreement together with Bostad Västerås

If you have done this correctly, you will have the same accommodation for the next semester as you have right now.

Important to keep the deadline

To ensure renewal of your contract it is highly important that you contact us according to the dates given to you by Bostad Västerås through an e-mail. If you do not contact us in time we will make the assumption that you are leaving your accommodation at the end of your contract period.
This means that we will make your accommodation available to another tenant during next semester. Welcome to our office at Stora Gatan 38!

Haven't received any information

If you can't see that you have received any e-mail from Bostad Västerås regarding your lease by the end of October (for fall semester) or the end of April (for spring semester) it's important that you contact us.
021-17 19 50