When you arrive in Västerås

Collect keys

Representatives from Bostad Västerås will meet you on campus to hand out keys during the reception held by Mälardalen University at the start of each semester. Schedule for the reception hours has been sent to you in your housing offer.
Remember to bring identification/passport

Reception service

The university organizes a reception service where you will be escorted in minibusses to your student housees by the students working at the reception service.

Arrival after reception hours

If you arrive after hours of the reception services you will have to arrange for hotel/housing on your own until the reception opens again the next day. If your arrival is not at all scheduled to the reception period at campus you need to visit our office at Stora Gatan 38 in central Västerås.
You can also send a representative to pick up the keys for you (maybe you have a friend already in Västerås). To give us permission to hand out the keys to your representative we need you to first send us a written authorization.

Park apartment

The keys need to be picked up on location at Park after the lease agreement has been signed with Bostad Västerås. During the reception services on campus, the representative at Park will keep the same schedule. All other periods the office hours are 8am - 5pm.