Send a representative to pick up your keys

If you for some reason are unable to collect the keys to your student house yourself, you can send someone you trust to pick up the keys on your behalf. However, we need your written authorization to be able to hand out your keys to someone else.
Key authorization

When submitting your bank account information

To transfer (entire or part of) your deposit back to you, we need your bank account information. Depending on whether it is a transfer to a Swedish account or to an account in your home country, different information is needed. Normally the deposit will be repaid in SEK. If your bank does not handle SEK please indicate clearly, on the departure information, if you prefer EUR or USD.
Use the form below to ensure we receive the necessary information to be able to proceed with the transfer.
Bank account information form

Useful hints to pass your room inspection

Make sure that you know what is expected of you when you are about to clean before your departure and the final room inspection. Insufficient cleaning will result in a deduction from your deposit. This is the best advice we can give you: use the proper cleaning detergents and follow instructions below.
Cleaning instructions

Room inspection protocol 

Sometimes the landlord/property manager wants you to bring a copy of the protocol with you when you meet up for the room inspection.
Inspection protocol