Change student housing

Apply for a change of student accomodation

Your accommodation lease has a time limit and it is not possible to terminate or change the lease into another student accomodation in the middle of the contract period. However, it is possible to apply for a change of accommodation for next semester. 

To apply for a Swedish lease agreement - the criteria is that you have to have a Swedish personal number and have stayed on a lease agreement in Sweden for at least one year.

How can I get my preferred option?

We will send out new offers in the same order that we have received your document for changing accommodation. In other words, the sooner that you hand in your form to us - the better chance of receiving the accommodation that you prefer. 


  1. Create a new registration on our website

  2. State clearly your choice of accommodation in the registration. If more than one - write down the prefered order. 

  3. Send us an email with the admission documents verifying that you have a study place at Mälardalen University during next semester together with the departure form that you received in the email from Bostad Västerås. 

Important! You are not placed in the queue for a change of accommodation until you send both documents to us. (One email with both admission document and the departure form.)