How to apply

1. Look through the options

Housing alternatives

2. Register an application

Apply here
State your preferences clearly
Submit your e-mail address correctly

3. Wait for an offer

We will send you a housing offer as soon as Mälardalen University notifies us that you have been accepted for studies. The housing offer will be sent to the e-mail address you submitted in your application. We always take into consideration the housing alternatives you list as preferred choices. However, if none of your preferred choices are available we will send you an offer for another option as close to your preferences as possible.
We will only send one offer. If you are not happy with the offer you received you can contact us and request to change into another available housing.


Please note! If you haven't received an offer after the following dates, please contact us so you can submit your admittance letter.

  • 30th of June (for studies beginning fall semester)
  • 15th of December (for studies beginning spring semester)