Move out

Before you leave

when you have decided to leave your student accommodation in Västerås, there are a few things you need to do. You can see the instructions on this page.

  • Send back the "Departure Form" to Bostad Västerås that you have received by e-mail in october or April.
  • Make sure everything is correctly filled in and that your bank account information is provided
  • Contact your landlord to book the room inspection
    - If you live at Junior they will inspect the room after you leave
  • Leave the keys to the right person or company.
    - All keys are handled by Bostad Västerås exept Park, Hülphersgatan and Norra Allégatan


Deposit refund

During the end of each semester we have a lot to do at Bostad Västerås and that is why your deposit may take up to 2 months to reach you after we have received all the necessary information. We aim to handle it as quickly as we can!

  • Keep in mind that we do not cover any banking fees. We keep SEK 100 from the deposit to cover the fees, and if the fee is exceeding SEK 100 we will keep the corresponding amount.
  • We transfer the deposit in SEK. If you want it transfered in USD instead you have to note that on the "Departure form"