Junior room

Welcome to Junior!

This building contains 57 furnished single rooms. Sizes vary between 10-17 sq.m. The majority of the rooms have private bathroom. The shared bathrooms are shared between 4 students.
The rooms are for single occupancy only.


Kitchen is shared with the other students on the same floor (10 rooms on each floor). In the kitchen there is a stove with four hot plates,a microwaveoven, a fridge and a freezer.
The kitchens are equipped with basic utensils, plates etc.


Approximately SEK 12904 per semester for rooms with shared bathroom. Approximately SEK 15172 per semester for rooms with private bathroom. Rent includes heating, water, electricity and Internet conection.


If you rent during spring semester only, half of June will be free of rent. If you rent both fall- and spring semester, half of June and full month of July will be free of rent. If you rent during spring semester and will continue to rent the same accommodation for fall semester, the whole summer period will be free of rent.


Be prepared to provide your own blanket/quilt and pillow.
There are laundry facilities for the use of all tenants in the basement.


Internet connection through broadband included in rent.


Please note that there is a mandatory TV licence fee in Sweden, go to radiotjanst for more information.

Distance from university/city center

Approximately 100 m from the university and 300 m from the city center. Junior is served by VL bus number 2, 5 and 6.


Vasagatan 40:(room number)


IKANO Bostad


Room shared bathroom Area  Design
21 rooms 10 sq.m. design
2 rooms 12 sq.m. design

Room private bathroom

Area Design
17 rooms 10 sq.m. design
9 rooms 12 sq.m. design
1 room 13 sq.m. design
6 rooms 14 sq.m. design
1 room 15 sq.m. design
1 room 16 sq.m. design