Move out


Preparing to leave

When you are coming to the end of your studies in Västerås and have decided to end your lease agreement, you have to inform Bostad Västerås. We will ask you at the end of each autumn or spring semester if you want to extend or terminate your contract. Please note that you cannot give notice in the middle of a semester. Rent has to be paid for the entire semester.
Before you leave we would like to thank you for your stay and remind you of a few things to attend to:
1) Hand in the "Departure information" form to Bostad Västerås according to deadline.
2) Make an appointment with your landlord for a room inspection.
- Once the inspection has been carried out you can no longer stay in the accommodation.
- Clean thoroughly. You only get one chance to clean. Remember that you are responsible for the final cleaning. Your successor is entitled to move into an accommodation that has been cleaned thoroughly.
If the final cleaning is not satisfactory, we will make sure that the accommodation is cleaned properly at your expense. To cover cost for cleaning we will deduct the corresponding amount from your deposit. Do not forget that cleaning also includes the shared facilities that you have access to, such as kitchens, study rooms, common rooms etc.
If you have external storage, this also has to be emptied and cleaned.
- If you are staying in Junior - no need for an appointment! The room inspections will be carried out after your departure.
- If you are staying in Hülphersgatan or Norra Allégatan: check out needs to take place no later than 12.00 (noon) on the day of your lease agreement's expiration date.
3) Once your room has been inspected - hand in your keys immediately.
- Keep in mind that neither Bostad Västerås nor your landlord is open on weekends. If you are leaving on a weekend ask a friend to hand in the keys for you on first coming weekday. The room inspection will then be carried out after your departure.
We hope that you have enjoyed your stay and we wish you good luck in the future!

Deposit refund

At the end of each semester there is extra pressure on our organization which means that the procedure of repaying deposits could take up to 2 months (after you have submitted the paperwork needed).
We aim to transfer the deposit back to you as soon as possible!
Checklist for deposit refund:
  • Hand in a signed and approved room inspection protocol to Bostad Västerås. (If you are staying in Junior or Park - the protocols will be sent to us directly from your landlord.)
  • Hand in your keys - all keys accounted for - to Bostad Västerås. (If you are staying in Park you drop off the keys in the key box to the left outside of the janitor's office). 
  • Hand in your bank account information to Bostad Västerås - double check that your information is correctly submitted!
Please note that we do not make cash refunds.
Normally the deposit will be repaid in SEK. If your bank does not handle SEK please indicate clearly, on the departure information, if you prefer EUR or USD.
Please note that Bostad Västerås do not cover any bank fees. A fee of SEK 100 to cover administrative as well as bank fees will be charged. If the bank fees exceed SEK 100 the actual amount will be charged.

Before you leave

Mälardalen University wants to remind all exchange students that there are a few things to do before you leave.

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