How to accept

Hopefully the offered accommodation meets your requirements and you wish to accept.

To accept and secure the housing you have been offered you need to make a prepayment of half the semesters rent (please see your offer for the amount in SEK) plus a deposit SEK 4000. Please note that the transfer of half semesters rent plus deposit needs to be executed in good time to make it into our account no later than the date stated in the housing offer.

1) Make a payment of half semesters rent plus a deposit

The payment consists of two parts:
  • Half of the semesters rent.
  • A deposit of SEK 4000.
The deposit will be refunded after departure if you leave the room clean and without damages.
(Please read more about our Deposit refund policy)
Instructions for the money transfer to Bostad Västerås are clearly stated in the offer of accommodation.
Bostad Västerås does not cover any bank fees.
Please note! Accepting the offered accommodation constitutes an obligation on your part to sign a lease agreement for the accommodation that has been reserved for you.

2) We will send you confirmation when we receive your transfer

The confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address submitted in your application. The transfer must have reached our account before you can enter the reserved accommodation.